KSDT Picks of the Summer

$uicideboy$ – Eternal Grey

Trap Rap, Southern Hip Hop

There are certain musicians that seem to craft pieces that your parents will never enjoy. The $uicideboy$ are the paradigm of this vibe. Edgy doesn’t begin to describe the lyrics, yet I sink into a deep, familiar comfort among the drug references and melancholic delusions. Eternal Grey goes where most $uicideboy$ tapes haven’t in introducing a diverse yet cohesive collection, including features from underground rap heavy hitters, such as Pouya, Denzel Curry, Yung Simmie, and Chris Travis. Despite the aggressive delivery and booming beats, $uicideboy$ strike a perfect balance between rebellious and elitist tendencies most other rappers tend to embody. The tape starts off with an erie piano melody for the song BREAKDALAW2K16, followed by a combination of suicide references and multiple declarations of loyalty for those who support them. Another gem is the song Eclipse, which utilizes a syrupy violin and a laidback beat, reminiscent of goldenage 90’s rap. As if the prior drug references weren’t enough throughout the rest of the tape, the song O PANA! Is fully dedicated to oxycodone and all of its prescription distributions. Denzel Curry features with an extremely aggressive, borderline militant verse in ULTIMATE $UICIDE, while Yung Simmie promises to put his feet on your couch in 275 $uicide. Overall, I was quite impressed with the release, and I look forward to more $uicideboy$ in the future, especially if they continue their development. –YungElder, Mooky Island Friday 5pm

KSDT Picks: BREAKDALAW2K16, Eclipse, O PANA!, ULTIMATE $UICIDE, 275 $uicide



Isaiah Rashad: The Sun’s Tirade

Hip Hop, Southern Rap

Chattanooga-MC Zaywop AKA Isaiah Rashad returns to the hip hop charts with his first full length, The Sun’s Tirade. Amongst a myriad of mumble-trappers, Rashad offers a refreshing rap album that’s rich with flow and insightful lyricism, not to mention the textured and groovy production that promises a steady head bob at the very least. The album features a star-studded list of guests, including fellow Top Dawg label-mates Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock, as well as singer-songwriter SZA and more. The combination of Rashad’s inventive delivery and his aptitude for writing catchy hooks makes for tracks that are simultaneously captivating and danceable.  A perfect record to cool down to in the early-autumn heat. Bangers guaranteed. –Deejay X-Ray, Soul Universe Friday 6pm

KSDT Picks: Free Lunch, Wat’s Wrong, Park, Bday, Tity and Dolla, Stuck in the Mud.



Slipmat Brothers & Penpals: Made for the Underground

Rap & Hip Hop, Underground Hip Hop

The Slipmat Brothers (aka the Jazz Spastiks) have been producing some seriously dope beats for a while. If you’ve been seeking that 90s underground hip-hop sound, the Slipmat Bros are your bros for sure. With tracks recently featured on Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz 7 & 8, these Scottish producers team up with Brooklyn rappers Penpals, who similarly bring back those old-school flows and rhymes on each verse they spit. The production is tight with jazzy elements on every track, and the songs just work wherever you are. The standout tracks for me are “Grade A” where Penpals just go crazy on the rhyming and “Live and Direct” with some really slick piano and vocal samples. Cop it if you enjoy: Hieroglyphics, People Under the Stairs, A Tribe Called Quest. – Syntax, Double Cheeseburger Tuesday 11am

KSDT Picks: Grade A, Live and Direct, Oh Yes!



Cotton Ships: Ardath

Indie, Post-Rock

Cotton Ships showcase their beautiful, yet driving and energetic sound on their first full length release, “Ardath.” It features contrasting guitar styles, gorgeous vocal harmonies, and wild, active drumming. The interplay between the guitars is really what makes this album unique, with one often acting as a “rock” guitar and the foundation for the song, and another acting as a “jazz” guitar by layering deep-toned melodies on top. If the guitars and vocals provide the “beauty” for the album, the drums provide the groove and energy that drives the music forward, and the combination of the these work perfectly. As a result, the album is very reminiscent of the Japanese band Toe, but with vocals. Much of the lyrics explore themes of uncertainty about the future and past, or being lost. It ends up being a very reflective, sorrowful, and at times lonesome album. This is one of those rare albums that does not have one bad track on it, and may be one of my favorite releases of 2016. –Blind Louisiana Chapman, Guitarmonies Saturday 4pm

KSDT Picks: Unfold, Lauren



Thee Oh Sees: A Weird Exits

Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock

The latest project by prolific garage rock band Thee Oh Sees goes to show why California garage rock has grown in popularity in recent years. With its huge fuzzy sound, driving grooves, and quirky nuisances, this album epitomizes what the west coast rock scene has become: a cluster of noisy psychedelic garage rock driven by drunken punk energy in, of course, the best way possible. Thee Oh Sees, a band known for their live energy, has brought to the table some of their most aggressive songs to date on this LP which will prove disorienting and aggravating to the stoned crowd of moshers and surfers that stumble to their shows. Songs like Plastic Plant and Dead Mans Gun, with their gruff yet tripped out vocals and fuzzy and explorative jams, sound as if they were written by John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, and Jerry Garcia while on a terrible acid trip together. Other cuts like Gelatinous Cube rely heavily on their fast loud riffs while songs like Unwrap the Fiend and Jammed Entrance take you far away with their long experimental jams. Do not listen if you have heart problems, neck or back trouble, recently had surgery, or if you’re pregnant. Do listen if you are constantly angry, enjoy smashing things, and want to listen to a fun, confusing, and fulfilling collection of garage rock. –DJ Slater

KSDT Picks: Dead Man’s Gun, Gelatinous Cube, Jammed Entrance, The Axis