K = required start call sign for stations west of the Mississippi River
S = San
D = Diego
T = Transmission
Evening shows tend to get more listeners.
858) 534-KSDT [5738]
This is a room at the station that contains a drumset, PA system, microphones and stands, bass and guitar amplifiers and a keyboard for your rehearsal needs.
Apply to be a practice room member by filling out the corresponding application in the 'studio tab' of the website a week before the next quarter starts. If you get accepted, you will have to attend an orientation that will be scheduled via email before you can start using the room.
If you're a currently enrolled student, we can record your work in our state-of-the-art studio for no charge; just send in a recording application that can be found in the 'studio' tab of the webpage . Contact the audio engineers directly if you are not a student at engineer@ksdt.org
Knock on the front door and come in!
Show up for GBMs and staff meetings, and apply to be an intern for any of the staff positions. There are always ways to be involved at the station and all it takes is consistent participation.
It's too early. Try after 12pm and he'll be awake by then