Our schedule is updated quarterly


3PM - 11PM

4pm | Catastrophe

Miaow | Music

6pm | Eclectic Weekly

Efran Martinez | Eclectic

Eclectic Mix

7pm | The Reef

DJ Mako & DJ Hammerhead | Music

7pm | Kool-Aid Hour

DJ mishelle & DJ dan | Music

8pm | The Mainstream Underground

DJ Allasanya & DJ Wolfgang | Music


Midnight - 2PM

7am | New Show

DJ Greylag Goose

this is a show about...

8am | The Post, Weekly

Darren and Arianna

9am | Genre Dive


~ Weekly deep dive into a specific genre of music. Learn some music history and listen to some dope beats. ~

12pm | Tree Meet

A Florida Man

"super super hard techno"

2pm | BUFU Radio

DJ EarCoitus & DJ Puchica

cucks welcome

3PM - 11PM

3pm | She Messy

Hoochiemane & Dõ | Music

4pm | Caretakers Anonymous

DJ Jeanne Bean | Music

5pm | indiana tones

Cy$ | Music

~a real grab bag; take a risk and listen~

6pm | Cynical

sidnastiez & nigoals | Music

7pm | Tea with HT

HT | Talk

Spilling the tea on becoming your best version, overcoming challenges of life, and seeking your purpose in this wild world.

8pm | Busy Signals

Beladona | Music

9pm | uh oh

lil protein & lil sak | Music

10pm | Sleepless Week

DJ Slater | Music

Mixtapes for your insomnia. Tune in every Monday 10-11pm for your weekly rundown of San Diego concert suggestions from the sleepless DJ Slater

11pm | blood banc

corder | Music

soft music


Midnight - 2PM

12am | What's Tea?


Nai discusses usociety, culture, self-care, and their humorous approach to current events. All intertwined with good music + good vibes... that's the tea!

7am | Realness


3/4 music, 1/4 talk radio. Discussing topics that relate to gender, emotions, and embodying your authentic self. :-) Feel free to reach out via email and request a topic of interest for discussion. kfmoore@ucsd.edu

11am | pb and jams

dj bumble beats

12pm | SD有嘻哈

Yung Rob

Chinese Hip-Hop and occasional simp music by yours truly, Yung Rob

2pm | The Goodfella


A quick immersion into the Italian and Italian-American Music scene.

3PM - 11PM

3pm | Sonic Apotheosis

Lightning McQueen | Music

3pm | Minkowski's Ghost

william strangeland | Music

Do you find yourself gazing off at the event horizon? Are you treading the Schwarzschild radius? Does your real projective plane always self-intersect?

4pm | The aereoplane

Elias Turner | Music

5pm | Return of the Synth

Wednesday | Music

6pm | Mazeeka

Yung Reemo & salmanella | Music

Two local gals sharing some music, art, and our personalities.

7pm | hot coffee

Frodo | Music

9pm | The Cloudspeakers

Felipe the Traveler & DJ MF | Music

Get ready for the annihilation of your physique as we take you down the many paths of life illustrated by music .

11pm | Dancing in the Study

Baby Tucks | Music

Featuring groovy dance music to keep the work flow going, or purely to interrupt your study session with a dance party


Midnight - 2PM

12am | Instant Ramen

nahgood & goodstuffindeed

8am | The Cool School


Hip-hop. I meant good hip-hop...

9am | Nap Time

L Boogie

I'll be playing slept on songs from all eras of rap. There's a themed show every other week: Sleep and the City (rap from a specific city) or Power Nap (a focus on one artist over the years)


Fridah Land

Making and Doing Mediation - in theory and in practice.

12pm | Temporada de Patos

Baby Tucks

Music of Mexico, as well as featuring Mexican artists devoted to a wide range of musical genres from the early 20th century and onward.

3PM - 11PM

4pm | amateur hour

smalltime | Music

three years at the station and i still don't know what i'm doing. tune in for your weekly fix of eclectic music.

5pm | EH!

DJ EJ | Music

6pm | DJEJ - reps of KKFU

DJ Jeanne Bean | Music

8pm | Vibin' with Viv

vivphamtastik | Music

9pm | soundclout

revelle dad & dj disappointment | Music

collegiate grief

10pm | channel ALMOND

cozy mon & jowangsta & la araña discoteca | Music

you know we had to do it to em

11pm | The Island Hour

The Great Gallaspy | Eclectic

Inspected and found to be 100% Jimmy Buffet- free.


Midnight - 2PM

12am | assorted jams


the midnight block party

10am | The Dank Dimension

DJ Chef

Have you seen the movie Chef, by John Favreau?

11am | The Guest House


A foreign boy shaped by foreign music tastes in a foreign country.

1pm | splatter paint

dj soctopus

a thoughtfully chaotic variety of jams for your average thursday afternoon. tune in for hip hop, funk, rock, and the occasional cool ocean fact!

2pm | happy came to visit

la araña discoteca

3PM - 11PM

3pm | i dunno

Big Z | Music

I don't know much about most things in life. All I really know is good music when I hear it. Tune in for sometimes new, sometimes old, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes alternative indie rock pop rap oldies adjective jams!

4pm | The Bean 2: Bean Professional

DJ Hubris | Music

Different artist/album every week! Neo Soul/Jazz mostly.

5pm | Rollin With Nolan

DJ Bolan | Music

one whole hour of fresh, organic, non-gmo, glucose free, vegan indie bangers™️ every week

6pm | Sunday's at Costco

Lady | Music

The look at music through sampling

7pm | Cool Nenas

DJ lityanni | Music

8pm | cosmic hour

kid lo | Music

indie favorites and the deepest of cuts

10pm | Girlfriend RADIO

Niy | Music

Let me be your girlfriend for the hour. I'll talk sweet to you, make you playlists, and we'll get real deep. xoxo (R&B/Hip-Hop/Electronic/Lo-Fi)

11pm | RIP Trust

yung sucio | Music


Midnight - 2PM

10am | Venus as a Boy

Bello Virgo

Let's get funky, with a little bit of this, and little of that. Bringing you the joy of music with some New Wave/Indie/Electro Beats/R&B plus much more .

11am | Abdul and Cleopatra

Gentlestbuffalo & DJ Greylag Goose

tune in for the chowder of the week! we love you!

1pm | Museum

DJ Getty


3PM - 11PM

3pm | The KSDT Staff Show

dj web dude & Gentlestbuffalo | Music

5pm | The Lightfoot Show!

DJ HeavyHand | Music

Join DJ HeavyHand as he goes through KSDT's massive collection of vinyl!

6pm | Peanut Butter and Slam

DJ Jelly & DJ Jam | Talk

Welcome to Peanut Butter and Slam, where DJs Jelly and Jam discuss "important" news from the week, and occasionally life after death.

7pm | we don't know we're doing

lil fern & the m00$h | Music

all we have to offer is some mf jamz

9pm | Tomato Soup

Kevin | Music

10pm | Heavy Friends

DJ ABG | Music


Midnight - 2PM

10am | Alegria

Lilac & BoneDaddy

putting our fellow hip hop/r&b lovers onto some good good. we try to throw in some old hip hop and r&b into the mix every once in a while as well.

11am | sit back, stand up

dj yelicopter & hwuminescence

two women of color just trying to share some music and opinions

12pm | Elemental Matters

MiNizzle & DJ Juhn

Periodic talk of the elements! Highlighting some of the research done in our own backyard, here at UCSD.

3PM - 11PM

3pm | YEMOJA

tom-tom & FIA$CO | Talk

A safe space to discuss life’s complexities and the little things. Sprinkled with vibey music

4pm | The Wishing Well

brokeblester | Music

electro/psychedelic/indie/pop sounds, usually with roots in jazz, funk and disco. maybe I'll throw in some laidback hip-hop or full on disco bangers, i dont know, it's a mixed bag but it's good music

5pm | 1 sweaty hour

Sweaty girl | Music

please just listen it will be fun

6pm | sound without picture

hashem & sanjay | Music

8pm | Kugelblitz

DJ Gnarly | Music

9pm | BOBA: Brought Over By Airwaves

DJ gucci fredelucci | Eclectic

Bring you the best (and worst) the internet has to offer, BOBA delivers bangers and mash-ups with its signature semi-improvised humor and story arcs.

9pm | BOBA: Brought Over By Airwaves

DJ gucci fredelucci | Eclectic

Bring you the best (and worst) the internet has to offer, BOBA delivers bangers and mash-ups with its signature semi-improvised humor and story arcs.