Our schedule is updated quarterly


Midnight - 2PM

3PM - 11PM

3pm | Watermelon Sundae

DJ chingoorita & mỹ | Music

4pm | The Lightfoot Show!

DJ HeavyHand | Music

Join DJ HeavyHand as he goes through KSDT's massive collection of vinyl!

7pm | Dykes Reclaim the Universe

DJ Labrys | Music

What all the cool dykes are listening to.


3PM - 11PM

3pm | TritonTalks

Sebastian | Music

4pm | Kalamazoo

Daisy | Music

5pm | The Mainstream Underground

DJ Allasanya & DJ Wolfgang | Music

6pm | c-rap

Young Rob | Music

the freshest chinese hip-hop

7pm | Tea with HT

HT | Talk

Spilling the tea on becoming your best version, overcoming challenges of life, and seeking your purpose in this wild world.

8pm | Busy Signals

DJ Beladona | Music

9pm | The Cloudspeakers

Felipe the Traveler & DJ MF | Music

Get ready for the annihilation of your physique as we take you down the many paths of life illustrated by music .


Midnight - 2PM

11am | happy came to visit

la araña discoteca

12pm | assorted jams


assorted jams season 3: Bob's Bangers, now streaming

1pm | 664


3PM - 11PM

3pm | Blah Blah Hour

DJ lityanni | Music

4pm | the triforce

soctopus & brokeblester | Music

An amalgamation of video games, deep sea trivia, and discovering infinities set to a variety of groovy tunes.

6pm | Dog Daze

Xav & Du | Music

8pm | channel ALMOND

cozy mon & jowangsta & la araña discoteca | Music

you know we had to do it to em

9pm | Da Haps

ainokea | Music


Midnight - 2PM

7am | Realness


3/4 music, 1/4 talk radio. Discussing topics that relate to gender, emotions, and embodying your authentic self. :-) Feel free to reach out via email and request a topic of interest for discussion. kfmoore@ucsd.edu

9am | Nap Time


I'll be playing slept on songs from all eras of rap. There's a themed show every other week, with either rap from a specific city or a focus on one artist through their career. Also featuring DJ Pinto Beatz.

10am | Dope Friends

Leon de La $co

12pm | 1 sweaty hour

sweaty girl

please just listen it will be fun

1pm | Tree Meet

A Florida Man

"super super hard techno"

3PM - 11PM

3pm | Grilled Sauce

DJ juicygirl | Music

i <3 2000s, synth, indie?, & asmr

5pm | Canned Beats

Swizz Cheez | Music

6pm | On Air with Arry

Arry Jay | Music

7pm | The Island Hour

The Great Gallaspy | Eclectic

Inspected and found to be 100% Jimmy Buffet- free.

8pm | cosmic hour

kid lo | Music

indie favorites and the deepest of cuts

9pm | Bitchfork

dj disappointment | Music

collegiate grief


Midnight - 2PM

11am | Venus as a Boy

Bello Virgo

Let's get funky, with a little bit of this, and little of that. Bringing you the joy of music with some New Wave/Indie/Electro Beats/R&B plus much more .

12pm | [NO CAP]

DJ Yosh

[NO CAP] where we play music, no cap. I strictly play songs to (boof) to.

1pm | DJEJ

DJ Jeanne Bean

3PM - 11PM

4pm | You're Welcome

yung sucio | Music

7pm | The Aisle

Partha | Music

8pm | Antithesis

Christo | Music


Midnight - 2PM

10am | Cynical

sidnastiez & nigoals

2pm | The DJ Getty Show

DJ Getty

pwning The li(bs with your Tata's

3PM - 11PM

3pm | Rollin With Nolan

DJ Bolan | Music

one whole hour of fresh, organic, non-gmo, glucose free, vegan indie bangers™️ every week

4pm | this is so sad

Lightnin McQueen | Music

alexa play despacito

6pm | Library Hours

Deejay X-Ray | Talk

7pm | we don't know WHAT we're doing

lil fern & the m00$h | Talk

all we have to offer is some mf jamz


Midnight - 2PM

11am | The Banzai Predicament


2pm | Gift Shop


Easy music and talks on unique philosophies.

3PM - 11PM

3pm | YEMOJA

tomi & FIA$CO | Talk

A safe space to discuss life’s complexities and the little things. Sprinkled with vibey music

3pm | YEMOJA

tomi & FIA$CO | Talk

A safe space to discuss life’s complexities and the little things. Sprinkled with vibey music