Grilled Sauce

DJ juicygirl

Wednesdays from 4pm-5pm

i <3 2000s, synth, indie?, & asmr

Most Recent Show

old friend | 4:03pm

by Mitski

otherside | 4:06pm

by Perfume Genius

wheel | 4:08pm

by Visible Cloaks

White flag | 4:11pm

by Dido

fireworks | 4:16pm

by Mitski

How to Be Confident | 4:19pm

by Anna Meredith

best I Can | 4:22pm

by Michael Cera ft. Sharon Von Etten

Bleach Blonde Baby | 4:25pm

by Poppy

Hillside Boys | 4:28pm

by Kim Petras

The Porter | 4:33pm

by Dream Affair

Jesus Was Way Cool | 4:36pm

by King Missile

woo | 4:40pm

by Beach House

The Big Ship | 4:45pm

by Brian Eno

Girls Just Wanna Have Dub | 4:47pm

by Chromatics

You're a Germ | 4:50pm

by Wolf Alice

Angel Sigh | 4:54pm

by Spiritualized

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