the triforce

soctopus & brokeblester

Tuesdays from 4pm-5pm

An amalgamation of video games, deep sea trivia, and discovering infinities set to a variety of groovy tunes.

Most Recent Show

Give Me Your Love (House Club Mix) | 4:00pm

by Be Noir

Leila | 4:04pm

by Miami Horror

Crazy Race | 4:09pm

by The RH Factor

Daybreak | 4:11pm

by Anomalie

Lost in the Cold | 4:20pm

by Twiddle

Locket | 4:25pm

by Crumb

Wit da Team | 4:27pm

by Genesis Owusu

Giant Steps | 4:34pm

by Joey Alexander

I Remember You | 4:50pm

by Chet Baker

Yellow Magic (Tong Poo) | 4:53pm

by Yellow Magic Orchestra

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