KSDT Studios is comprised of a rehearsal space that doubles as a studio room, and a control room that houses professional studio-quality equipment and the capability to record in capacities ranging from simple podcasts to 6-piece live bands, as well as track-by-track recording.

Applications for entry into the studio are posted below. All apps are rolling except for Practice Room – this is due a week before the start of the quarter.

In order to streamline the booking process, we have provided an online schedule site with which to schedule times for the room.
DO NOT BOOK DURING MEETING TIMES (Fridays 4-7pm), OR THE ENGINEER’S OFFICE HOURS – see the ‘contact us’ tab.
The maximum limit for booking is 2 hours per day, 4 hours per week.

Practice Room Application
Schedule the Room
Audio Internship Application
Recording Waitlist

We offer a free rehearsal space for students at UCSD complete with a drumkit, bass and guitar amplifiers, PA system, keyboards, mics, stands, and lighting. Using this room requires an application submitted before the start of the quarter, as well as a thorough orientation by one of the audio interns at the studio.

We also offer free recording to UCSD students, as well as an audio engineering internship program that covers the fundamentals of audio, recording, mixing, live show set up and implementation, and audio electronics.