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KSDT Weekly Picks – 5/27/2016

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New Releases:

Yes Bear: Glimmer

Math Rock, Punk, Indie

Yes Bear’s 6th EP showcases their bright and joyous sound. This is their last release with their drummer, Miles Chic, so it’s unclear whether the band will continue in the future. All of their releases are available for free on Bandcamp. -Blind Louisiana Chapman: Guitarmonies, Friday @ 1

KSDT Picks: Laugh Track, Bogus

Miles Davis & Robert Glasper – Everything’s Beautiful

Jazz, R&B

Last week, Columbia records released a new collaboration between contemporary pianist and producer, Robert Glasper, and the late jazz-legend, Miles Davis. Glasper reworks master tracks and outtakes from Davis’ tenure with Columbia records to produce a steady and cool conceptualization of his legacy. -Deejay X-Ray: Deejay X-Ray’s Wondrous Curiosity Hour, Tuesday @ 6

KSDT Picks: Ghetto Walkin’, They Can’t Hold Me Down, I’m Leaving You, Right On Brotha

Lizard Kingdom: The Lotus

Post-Hardcore, Progressive Rock

Lizard Kingdom’s new EP alternates between high-energy, maximum riffage and tasty chord progressions suitable for those who want to smash things. -Blind Louisiana Chapman: Guitarmonies, Friday @ 1

KSDT Picks: True Detective, The Lotus

KSDT Vinyl Library Rediscovery:

Cocteau Twins: The Spangle Maker

Dream Pop

This Cocteau Twins EP sets the stage for their masterpiece, Treasure, with a captivating set of songs. The title track beautifully blends Fraser’s spellbinding vocals with Guthrie’s hypnotizing guitar drones and wails to climax in intense fashion at the close. Pearly Dewdrops’ Drops also stands out as one of their better-known songs with its infectious hook and sparkling guitar tone (our 12’ copy has some unfortunate crackling in the songs best moment). –DJ Slater: The Brew, Friday @ 4

KSDT Picks: Spangle Maker, Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops

Cocteau Twins: Aikea Guinea

Dream Pop

This EP released shortly after Treasure carries their momentum with some sweet sounding vocals, amazing guitar tones, and creative production techniques that makes the Cocteau Twins so innovative and distinct. ––DJ Slater: The Brew, Friday @ 4

KSDT Picks: Aikea-Guinea, Rococo