Saturday's Schedule
9 am-10 am Forest Lounge
w/ Tannenbaum
10 am-11 am Afternoon Delight
w/ Green Fox and Huckleberry Spinn
11 am-12 pm The Echo
w/ MC Guinness
12 pm-1 pm Playground
w/ Jocelyn
1 pm-3 pm Guitarmonies
w/ Blind Louisiana Chapman & synchro
3 pm-4 pm sound_for_sour_ears
w/ D weezie
4 pm-5 pm The Peanut House
w/ DJ Hubris
5 pm-6 pm Return of the Synth
w/ Wednesday
6 pm-8 pm Free Beer!
w/ AKA The Family Man & Lonely Shredder
8 pm-9 pm indiana tones
w/ Cy$
9 pm-10 pm flowers for you.
w/ DJ Lotus
10 pm-11 pm Fake Indie/Real Talk
w/ Lady
11 pm-12 am uhoh
w/ lil sak & yung hart