Saturday's Schedule
7 am-8 am Early Bird Special
w/ DJ D
8 am-9 am Tea with HT
w/ HT
10 am-11 am Alegria
w/ Lilac & BoneDaddy
11 am-12 pm sit back, stand up
w/ dj yelicopter & hwuminescence
12 pm-1 pm Elemental Matters
w/ MiNizzle & DJ Juhn
1 pm-2 pm blood banc
w/ corder
2 pm-3 pm i dunno
w/ Big Z
3 pm-4 pm IDK What To Call This Show
w/ Kelog
4 pm-5 pm Therapy Sessions
w/ sumwatsmuv
5 pm-6 pm The Wishing Well
w/ brokeblester
6 pm-7 pm sound without picture
w/ hashem & sanjay
7 pm-8 pm indiana tones
w/ Cy$
8 pm-9 pm Kugelblitz
w/ DJ Gnarly
9 pm-10 pm BOBA: Brought Over By Airwaves
w/ DJ gucci fredelucci
10 pm-11 pm Another Hip-Hop Show
w/ DJ Yossarian
11 pm-12 am beep boop in the bg
w/ Ghost DJ