Monday's Schedule
8 am-9 am Heat Check
w/ DJ Shweyk 'n Bake & Rohandles
9 am-10 am Genre Dive
w/ Nishdilla
10 am-11 am KSDT Mosh Party
w/ og yüng butta
11 am-12 pm Cynical
w/ sidnastiez & nigoals
12 pm-1 pm Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant
w/ Party Pat and DJ Prismo
1 pm-2 pm Vibin' With Viv
w/ vivphamtastik
2 pm-3 pm The Metal Shift
w/ DJ Ghoul
3 pm-4 pm Tree Meet
w/ VD
4 pm-5 pm Needs More Cowbell
w/ Lightning McQueen
5 pm-6 pm The Usual
w/ smalltime
6 pm-7 pm My Butthole
w/ Alex
7 pm-8 pm the dave show
w/ dave
8 pm-9 pm Velvet Stereo
w/ Tzinti
9 pm-10 pm Like Light Through Ice
w/ DJ Greylag Goose
10 pm-11 pm Lost in the Sauce
w/ Bry Guy & DJ Dague & Dj Marky Mark
11 pm-12 am 50/50
w/ Mariano