Tuesday's Schedule
12 am-1 am What's Tea? with Nai & Niy
w/ Nai & Niy
7 am-8 am Realness
w/ FranMo
9 am-10 am Turn Off That Noise
w/ Katie Lit
10 am-11 am On Air w Arry
w/ Arry Jay
11 am-12 pm bread & butter
w/ DJ toast
12 pm-1 pm Lost in the Sauce
w/ Bry Guy
1 pm-2 pm Warm Skim Milk
w/ B4BY G1RL
2 pm-3 pm Tree Meet
w/ A Florida Man
3 pm-4 pm Minkowski's Ghost
w/ william strangeland
4 pm-5 pm Drink Me Mixtape
w/ Nat
5 pm-6 pm Return of the Synth
w/ Wednesday
6 pm-7 pm netflix and chill' and taco festivals
w/ DJ Radish
7 pm-9 pm hot coffee
w/ Frodo
9 pm-10 pm The Cloudspeakers
w/ Felipe the Traveler & DJ MF
10 pm-11 pm Dog Daze
w/ Xav & Du
11 pm-12 am The Witching Hour
w/ slaytoven