Tuesday's Schedule
10 am-11 am Heat Check
w/ DJ Shweyk 'n Bake & Rohandles
11 am-12 pm Vibin' With Viv
w/ vivphamtastik
12 pm-1 pm Surrender to the Void
w/ NateNow
1 pm-2 pm Turn Off That Noise
w/ Katie Lit
2 pm-3 pm Tree Meet
w/ VD
4 pm-5 pm Drink Me Mixtape
w/ Nat
5 pm-6 pm The Sheepies
w/ Me & Blondie
6 pm-7 pm netflix and chill' and taco festivals
w/ DJ Radish
7 pm-9 pm hot coffee
w/ Frodo
10 pm-11 pm Dog Daze
w/ Xav & Du
11 pm-12 am The Witching Hour
w/ slaytoven