May 28, 2015
Desert Daze Festival Review
brandon slater

Providing a thoroughly relaxing atmosphere with an impressive lineup from start to finish, Desert Daze was surely an event for those wanting a music festival that offered attendees chances to hear great music without having to give up any chance to kick back and rest. Camping on the festival grounds provided guests with an easy walk between their camping spot and any stage, with some camping spots close enough to the stage that they could catch the music from their tents. Most music was certainly worth catching, too, as great bands played at each stage throughout the day, and not just at the prominently placed Moon and Block stages, with acts like Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel performing elsewhere. The way the acts transitioned worked very well, too, as when one band wrapped up at the Moon stage, the other at the Block would go on quite quickly after, removing any frustrating delays or holdups. This meant that one could catch one great act after the other, conveniently without having to walk very far at all.


The artists that performed at the festival were superb to say the least. From start to finish, the musicians performing at Desert Daze put on a crash course in both musicianship and showmanship, many acts performing intricate songs while still putting on a show for the crowds. This lead to a great atmosphere throughout the festival, despite drastic genre differences between the artists; while Chelsea Wolfe held her audience spellbound with a hypnotic set filled with drone and doom undertones, Dan Deacon evoked an equally enthusiastic response by playing his brand of spastic, banter-laden electro-pop. This diversity of the artists performing is what made Desert Daze a great concert experience, because not only was there the cliched something for everyone, but the festival promoted genre diversity without compromising quality of the artists, which is impressive to say the least.

White Lung

Ultimately, Desert Daze was a terrific experience for myself, and is definitely worth attending for any fans of all types of independent music, from electronic to rock. With its casual, laid-back atmosphere and great acts, future iterations of the festival are sure to be can’t-miss entertainment.

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