May 25, 2016
KSDT Presents:

Free Show! Food! Great Lighting! All are welcome!

As another academic year comes to a close, the school’s co-operatives are yet again facing unfair administrative pressure in the form of unfavorable conditions regarding the renewal of the co-operatives’ lease agreements. Every alternative student run organization on this campus faces similar predicaments regularly, and in order for us to survive these roadblocks we must stand in solidarity with one another as students, organizations, co-operatives and individuals alike. On May 26th KSDT will host representatives from UCSD’s Co-ops and an array of musicians, speaking and performing in support of campus wide solidarity and the rights of students in order to embody an effective political voice here at UCSD.


Amnesia and the Daily Surprise – 7-7:30

Wasted Days – 7:40-8:10

Statement from Che Cafe Representatives

Good Neighbor – 8:40-9:10

Big Bad Buffalo – 9:20-9:50

Statement from Groundwork & G-Store Representatives

Odakota – 10:10 – close

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