March 18, 2023
The Beths Play The Fonda
Hana Tobias

On Friday, March 17, New Zealand band The Beths performed at The Fonda in Los Angeles. The band, formed in 2014, is currently touring their 2022 album Expert In A Dying Field. Singer-songwriter Sidney Gish opened the show with a set of quietly quirky indie tunes. She used loops for each song, which created a much fuller sound than the usual solo opener, jokingly thanking everyone for their patience after a particularly long loop session.

A synth version of The Beths’ song “Future Me Hates Me” played as the band entered the stage, after which they immediately launched into the full version. The song served as an excellent jumping off point for what would be an energetic night. The band radiated a charmingly nervous energy: with their mouthfuls of lyrics and upbeat songs, they almost felt like they were tripping over themselves with eagerness. Toward the end of their performance, The Beths truly found their groove, with “I’m Not Getting Excited”, “Silence Is Golden”, and encore song “Little Death” becoming the highlights of the night. For fans of indie rock, The Beths are definitely a band to check out.

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