January 29, 2023
Thee Sacred Souls Concert Recap
Noshi Motwani

Photos by Noshi Motwani

San Diego-based band Thee Sacred Souls delivered nostalgic soul and heartwarming melodies on a Saturday evening at The Observatory North Park. Members Josh Lane, Sal Somano, and Alex Garcia created a loving and emotional environment for their hometown fans that left many deep in their feels. 

The band’s opener, Lee Wires, is an artist on the rise also based in San Diego. The vocalist and his supporting band performed some originals and covers, and the opening set the tone for what was coming with Thee Sacred Souls.

This tour marked the live debut of the headliner’s first album, Thee Sacred Souls; the up-and-coming band performed some of their most popular songs, including “Will I See You Again?” and “Can I Call You Rose?“ The album channels a retro energy with inspiration from 70s RnB and soul, amplifying messages of heartbreak, love, and passion. 

Lane, the lead vocalist, had the most responsibility in holding the crowd’s attention with his velvety-smooth, passionate vocals. To engage with the audience, Lane climbed onto the barricade and sang with them. The other members, Alex Garcia on the drums and Sal Somano on the bass—kept up the same energy to uplift the crowd.

Thee Sacred Souls, delivered a heartwarming concert at the Observatory North Park with a solid opening set by Lee Wires. 

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