April 29, 2019
Interview with TVBOO
Arya Natarajan

A look into the thoughts of genre-transcending bass producer hailing from Jackson, Mississippi, TVBOO. Check out his newest release, “Tantrum.”

KSDT: Who are your musical influences?

TVBOO: Blink 182, Bring Me The Horizon, Jantsen, Attila, G Jones… The list never ends, I get influenced by someone new everyday.

KSDT: What movie could you see yourself doing a soundtrack for?

TVBOO: I feel like if they remade The Matrix or Mortal Kombat I’d be their dude.

KSDT: What would you say is your defining quality?

TVBOO: I’d say my style. Nobody can really explain my genre. Not heavy enough for the dub DJs, not weird enough for the Wook DJs, too heavy for the trap DJs. I don’t try to make a certain thing when I produce, I just make what comes naturally, and if that’s a booty song then so be it. I also get inspiration from comedy so if I’m laughing in the studio, I’m usually flowing. I just like to have fun in the studio and try not to worry about what people will think about it.

KSDT: How has being raised in the South affected your experience as a musician?

TVBOO: I’d say it made me work harder than most. People in big cities with big scenes have opportunities to network and perform and work with other local artists. I didn’t have that. No one [in the place] where I’m from was into what I was doing, so it made me grind it out way harder so I could make it out. Also, my parents were hella supportive. Really proud of where I’m from, I wouldn’t of wanted it any other way.

KSDT: What DJs do you enjoy seeing live?


Jantsen has the best live edits in the game.

Klutch puts all of his emotions into his sets.

Zeke beats is a beast on the ones and twos.

Griz makes me smile.

Odesza makes me wanna be a better person.

Bassnectar stage production is next level.

RL Grime makes me wanna shake my ass.

Porter Robinson makes me wanna call my mom and tell her I love her.

Find more from TVBOO on SoundCloud.


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