March 8, 2023
Em Beihold on Her New Single “Roller Coasters Make Me Sad”
Hana Tobias

Update March 8 at 6:30: Beihold peaked at #19 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Em Beihold has had an impressive few years. In 2022, the singer/songwriter and UCSD alum released the single “Numb Little Bug,” which peaked at #1 on the Spotify Global Viral 50 Chart and #19 Billboard Hot 100. Her debut EP, Egg in the Backseat, performed highly as well, with a top 10 debut on the Spotify Global Albums Chart. She’s been praised for her brutally honest songwriting, encasing heavy vulnerability in an ironically bright pop sound.

But according to Beihold, all that success is not necessarily all that it’s cracked up to be. Her new single “Roller Coasters Make Me Sad,” released February 24, delves into her anxieties that the highs wouldn’t last; just like on a roller coaster, instead of enjoying the climb up, she was dreading the terrifying drop. “I feel the pressure of, like, how do I make sure this moment stays?” she explains. But now that she’s gained some experience, Beihold is working to accept the inevitable low points in life: “Moments inevitably are going to end, but that doesn’t mean you’re not worthy anymore.”

Beihold also recently featured on Stephen Sanchez’s hit “Until I Found You.” The song topped the Spotify Global Song Chart and has become a TikTok phenomenon, with over 115k videos using the sound. Beihold and Sanchez also performed a lovely rendition of the song on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Regarding her collabs, Beihold enjoys the freedom to stray away from her trademark specificity. “With a collab, it’s just sort of a different intention,” she explains. “I feel like writing for a collab is a little bit more free and fun for me, whereas writing for myself I feel like I have to be deeply honest.”

Coming up soon for Beihold is a North American tour supporting Lewis Capaldi. She’s no stranger to touring; in 2022, she opened for King Princess on the “Hold On Baby” tour and AJR on the “OK Orchestra” tour. She’s excited for her upcoming run, which will be the biggest tour she’s embarked on yet. “The fact that I’m going to be playing the Grand Ole Opry and Radio City Music Hall is crazy to me,” she explains. Beihold is on an impressive run, and she’s just getting started.

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