February 6, 2023
Sun Room: Concert Recap
Hana Tobias

Photos by Hana Tobias

On February 3, Sun Room played their hometown show at SOMA San Diego. Indie rock band The Grinns opened the show with a lively set featuring an excellent performance of the catchy “Love is Not an Enterprise.” The band successfully hyped the crowd up for the main event; unfortunately, this lead to boisterous concertgoers pushing toward the stage, causing people at the barricade to be uncomfortably squeezed.

Finally, Sun Room took the stage—outfitted in suits and ties—to open with “Fun,” a bright, bouncy track off their 2020 EP Sol Del Sur. Sun Room, led by singer and guitarist Luke Asgian, boasts a sunny brand of indie surf-rock that feels perfectly matched to their San Diego roots. Other standouts included their energetic new single “Kaden’s Van” and a fun cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Get Off of My Cloud.” For fans of upbeat indie rock, Sun Room is a great band to check out.

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